Ship Shoal 178 (Apache Corp)

National Data Buoy Center SOS This station provides the following variables: Air temperature, Winds

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OGC:SOS (OGC Sensor Observation Service)

These data are available for access with an SOS client

Distributor Federal Aviation Administration
Point of Contact National Data Buoy Center
Publisher National Data Buoy Center
Originator Federal Aviation Administration
Dataset Point of Contact National Data Buoy Center
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Date(s) publication: 2020
creation: 2020-02-16T18:13:43
Data Presentation Form Digital model - multi-dimensional digital representation of a feature, process, etc.
Dataset Update Frequency continual
Dataset Progress Status On Going
Dataset Progress Status On Going
Use Limitations
Time Period 2010-09-09T14:35:00+00:00 to 2020-02-16T18:00:09.073957
Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates N: 28.59901° S: 28.59899° E: -91.20599° W: -91.20601°
Theme keywords Uncategorized
  • Weather
  • National Data Buoy Center
  • NDBC
  • Moored Buoy
  • C-MAN
  • DART
  • TAO
  • Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Conductivity
  • Ocean Currents
  • Salinity
  • Water Level
  • Water Temperature
  • Waves
  • Winds
  • air_temperature
  • winds

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